BJ Kirby Insurance Agency

Insurance Discounts

Account Discount

There are multiple payment plan discounts available to you, such as:

  • Bundling both your home and auto with one company is one of the biggest discounts available, since it usually applies both to your auto insurance and to your home insurance.
Annual Mileage
  • Most companies have their own proprietary rating adjustments based on the miles you drive. Mileage is validated by annualizing miles between your vehicle inspections. Always tell us if you drive any vehicle less than 8000 miles per year, so we can be sure you’re getting this discount.
Group Discounts
  • Belonging to one of our group discount plans provides an exceptional discount.  Please notify us if you belong to one of these groups:
    • AAA motor club
    • Pan-Mass Challenge Donator
Anti-Theft Discount
  • Anti-Theft Discounts of up to 35% off of the premium paid for Part 9 (Comprehensive) are available for automobiles with various types of qualifying anti-theft devices.

    • 15% is available for glass etching;
    • 20% for most factory installed alarms such as a kill switch or other disabler;
    • an additional 15% if there is a vehicle recovery device such as a LoJack system.
Drivers Education and Advanced Driver Training
  • A substantial discount is available for the first 3 years after an inexperienced driver has completed an approved driver training course.
  • Additional discounts are available when a young driver has completed an Advanced Driver Training course. (Highly recommended – real world emergency situations encountered in real vehicles. Worth every cent, especially for the deductible you WON’T have to pay for the accident your teen driver AVOIDS).
Discounts for Students
  • Certain student drivers are eligible for additional credits.  Please let us know if:
    • You have a student more than 100 miles away at college
    • Your student driver maintains a “B” or better average grade.
Multi-Car Discount
  • A discount off of the premium paid for Collision & Limited Collision is available with most companies. Some offer additional discounts on other coverages as well.
Age 65 or Older Discount
  • A senior discount off of the premium for all coverages will be applied after all other discounts and rating factors, but drivers are still subject to the Safe Driver Insurance Plan or other experience metrics.
Payment Discounts
  • In that discount will be Paid-In-Full discount(7%), Paperless Green Discount(2%), Electronic Funds Withdrawal Discount(1%).